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Corey Ford

Freelance Illustrator

Fine & Digital Artist

Thanks for viewing my website. I've been an artist my entire life.

I remember when I was a small child drawing horses, which was

my favorite subject at that time and still is to this day. I am mostly

self-taught. I had one year of professional art training at Cass

Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan. I also took a watercolor

class at Oakland County Community College. Other then that I've

learned my art by trial and error. Learning art is an on-going

endeavor. I am always learning new ways to get my ideas across

to my viewing audience. I have sold 58 fine art paintings.

My earlier paintings are signed with just my first name "Corey" with no last name. I signed my early works this way because I knew when I married my last name would change which it did to "Ford". If you are in possession of one of my paintings please use my contact page. After you send me a photo of the painting I will send you a "Letter of Authenticity".

 Right now I am concentrating on my digital art paintings

which is gaining respect in the eyes of the public. They are

more and more willing to buy one of my digital art prints

or digital painting canvases especially

since my name has been getting around the Internet.

I love the Internet because I can get my paintings in front of

people all over the world. Visitors from around the globe have

visited this website and I greatly enjoy having you as my guests.

If you notice, I use a lot of vibrant

colors in my art. The world and outer space are so beautiful

and I want to bring that beauty into my art.

The programs I use to make my digital art :






Alien Skin Plugins

Flaming Pear Plugins



Paint Shop Pro

Universe Plugins

Universe - Stand Alone

World Machine


Ultra Fractal


All the images on this website are protected by the

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


March 18, 2021