Sport Shirts, Book Cover & TV Series Art Examples

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             Image - "The Island"  - Link                                 Image - "Stellar Matter Silhouette" - Link



  Image - "Brighten Beach"                     Image - "Circle of Life"    




Image - Gaia-Mother Earth"           Image - "Human Energy" - Link




                                     Oil Painting - "Striped Bass"                                           Image - "Woman using Hologram" - Link




                                                             Image - "Blue Design"        Oil Painting  - "Bigeye"



                      Graphic Design - White Marlin               Graphic Design - Yellowfin Tuna



                                 My image called "Argentinosaurus Herd" used on the TV Series "The Flash"

                                in Season 1, Episode 9  "Man in the Yellow Suit" - Link

                                  and  in Season 1, Episode 17 "Tricksters" - Link



                                 My image called "Spinophosaurus in Swamp" used on the TV Series "The Flash"

                                        in episode Season 2, Episode 21 The Runaway Dinosaur"  - Link      


                       My image called "Argentinosaurus Herd" used on the TV Series "The Flash"

                                 in episode Season 2, Episode 21 The Runaway Dinosaur" - Link





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April 2, 2021